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Marian Moriarty Coaching : About Us

About Us : Marian Moriarty Coaching, Executive & Personal Coaching
We show them how to let their light shine out : Marian Moriarty Coaching, Personal and executive coahcing
"We value and actively promote truth, integrity, learning, commitment, generosity, trust and fun through our work."
She is supported by a team of experienced associates who share her passionate belief in the innate, but sadly often untapped, abilities of people. Their work reflects their shared values :
Marian says

“We are committed to work with our clients to help them to make a positive difference to their lives, their families and their work. We help them to make a difference to their businesses and indeed to the world at large.”

“Often people just need help to become focused and to build real motivation to achieve their goals. From there they can make big changes in their lives.”

Marian and her team have more than 20 years experience in the world of coaching. They bring together a powerful combination of life coaching, non directive coaching, intuitive insight and creative problem solving skills to their work.
This is combined with a flexibility of approach and pragmatic common sense which means that they are equipped to provide support, guidance and help to people in a wide variety of situations.
Please look at our sections on Personal Coaching, Executive Coaching and Personal Branding to find out more.

Marian Moriarty is the principal coach of Marian Moriarty Coaching.

Marian has a very eclectic background. Academically after receiving her BSc she went on to achieve qualifications in education and in international marketing. She is an NLP Master Practitioner and is a certified coach and Synectics facilitator. She has worked in teaching and in marketing. Since then she has worked as a coach and facilitator, helping people and organisations through major changes.