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Marian Moriarty Coaching : Personal Branding

Personal Branding : Marian Moriarty Coaching , Ececutive & Personal Coaching

Your Personal Brand is the quintessential YOU that you display to the world.

Your Personal Brand is much more than your physical appearance.
Successful companies take their brands very seriously. They devote a great deal of time and effort to managing them. But as individuals our Personal Brand is something that we rarely pay much attention to.
  • values
  • priorities
  • attitudes
  • behaviour
  • sense of purpose
Persoanl Branding : more detail - Marian Moriarty Coaching, Persoanl and executive Coaching Personal Branding - more detail : Marian Moriarty Coaching, Personal & Executive Coaching
  • beliefs
  • perspectives
  • abilities
  • identity
At each stage we reflect on how each aspect builds together to make up YOU.
We help you to crystallise and express your Personal Brand in a way that will be of enormous help to you in reaching your goals.
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The important thing about your Personal Brand is that it should project, reinforce and generally affirm the “essential you” and not be a synthetic or assumed character designed to impress.
We can help you to explore and define your own unique Personal Brand. It is derived from a detailed and thorough exploration of your persona. We take you through a journey through your :
In business, in particular, it is just as important to clearly identify, communicate and manage your Personal Brand as it is for any other brand in the marketplace.
If you are looking to promote your career, apply for a new job or find yourself in any situation where you need to exert long term influence, projecting a clear, congruent Personal Brand is vital.