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Marian Moriarty Coaching : Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching : Marian Moriarty Coaching , Ececutive & Personal Coaching

Moving from the life you have to the life you want.

"We are passionate about helping people to discover and maximise their full potential
We work with clients to help them live their best possible lives.
We help our clients to be all they wish to be. To live in a state of flow.

Coaching draws on your expertise, after all you are the world's best expert about yourself and your life.

As a coach I believe that, deep down, you know what you want and that you have the resources to get there.

My role is simply to allow you make it happen.”

“Personal coaching is future focussed. Our focus is to get you to your future goals not to endlessly re-hash the past. “

“You as client always set the agenda for the session.”

“We create a structured programme for everyone,
But not the same structured programme for everyone.”

Our Approach

Marian Moriarty Coaching accompanies you on your journey, walks beside you to help you find your own direction and provides a way to reach it.
We will support and challenge you.
You will develop the ability to help yourself.
Typical outcomes
  • more happiness
  • an improved sense of well being
  • to realise the (often hidden) power of your own thinking
  • incresed self confidence
  • increased self esteem
  • the motivation and ability to make a major change in direction
  • getting unstuck

Why do people work with us ?

  • are stuck
  • need help to resolve an issue
  • have a desire for a career change
  • have a need to develop their career further
  • have relationship issues
  • suffer from stress and stress related problems
  • have issues with work-life balance
  • feel a need for a lifestyle change
Because they :